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        法律咨询热线  400-700-0148



        WTO/International Trade Remedy Center



        The Yingke WTO/International Trade Remedy Center is a specialized platform set up by Yingke Law Firm for the performance of the legal services related to the WTO dispute settlement and international trade remedy cases.

            盈科WTO/国际贸易救济法律团队是一支在国际贸易救济和WTO事务领域里具有影响力和领先地位的团队,团队的主要成员均在相关领域具有十五年以上的专业经历,既了解WTO法律框架下的各项法律以及各主要国别的贸易法律,又非常熟悉相关的财务会计知识,其核心成员更是多年来连续被全球著名的法律评级机构“钱伯斯(Chambers and Partners)”评选为亚洲区中国大陆国际贸易救济领域最佳法律顾问之一。

        The Yingke WTO/International Trade Remedy Center has a strong international trade team which is widely recognized for the depth of experience and is in a leading leading position in the practice of international trade remedy and  WTO matters. By virtue of the professional experience of over 15 years in the  field, the principal members of the team have the expertise not only with respect to the trade laws and policies of major countries and the WTO, but also in the area of finance and accounting. Its core member has been recommended for the last several years by the Chambers and Partners as one of the best legal consultants in the field of Chinese international trade remedy in Asia.


        The Yingke WTO/International Trade Remedy Center has extensive practical experience in the area of responding to anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations and its team members have represented Chinese industries and enterprises in over 100 anti-dumping and anti-subsidy cases filed against China by the US, the EU, Australia, Canada, India, South Africa, Turkey and Latin American countries and have achieved the successful results of the “no injury” determinations for   Chinese producers of steel, nonferrous metals and wood and of zero dumping or countervailing duty rate determinations for over 40 Chinese enterprises in their defense in the anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation allegations. The team has also represented the clients from the United States, Korea, Japan and Taiwan region in anti-dumping cases initiated by the Chinese government and achieved favorable results for its clients.

           盈科WTO/国际贸易救济法律团队成员凭借其专业能力和声誉多次代理中国政府应对海外反补贴调查案件,代理中国商务部参与 WTO 争端解决案件,以及为中国政府在WTO多哈回合反倾销规则谈判提供法律咨询和建议。

        By virtue of its expertise and professional reputation, the team members of the Yingke WTO/International Trade Remedy Center also chosen by the Chinese government for its defense work in several overseas anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation cases and participated on behalf of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce in the WTO dispute resolution cases as well as providing legal advice to the Chinese government during negotiations with respect to the anti-dumping rules in the WTO Doha Round.


        The Yingke WTO/International Trade Remedy Center also possesses professional and practical experience in the other areas of international trade lawl. Its team members have represented the Chinese industry in a US Section 332 investigation case at the U.S. International Trade Commission, which was the first case ever in which the Chinese industry responded  and participated and achieved  the goals of the Chinese industry. The team members also represented Chinese enterprises in intellectual property cases under US Section 337 investigation cases.

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